You can send the real time messages to user mobile phone, desktop and app when ever you want, its free.

1. Go to Support at top menu, scroll down to Push Notification section, click on Login button.

2. You will redirect to Onesignal website, Login to Onesignal account with Email Address and Password.

3. At the Applications page under New App / Website, click on your Web Name.

4. At the Website application Dashboard, click on Messages

5. At the Messages page, click on New Push to send new messages.

6. At the Audience section, tick on Send to Subscription Users button. You can enter the Title and Message, Upload the Image and the URL.

Note : The sample of message will show instantly on the phone at right screen.

7. At the Platform Settings section, under Send to Google Android, If you have published your webapp to Google Play Store you can set the functions and images you want to send to app users.

Leave the Category, Sound and Led Color to Blank. Select the Lockscreen Visibility, Leave the Small Icon as default or upload your own icon. Leave Accent Colour to blank and upload your Large Icon and Big Picture. Leave blank to Group Key, Message and Background Data.

Note : Click on each field will show the descriptions on right screen.

8. At the Send to Google Chrome section, the message will send to desktop users with Chrome browser, Here, you can upload your Icon, Image and Badge Image.

If you want the message can be send to Edge and Mozilla Firefox browser too, just leave the toggle on as default.

Note : Click on each field will show the descriptions on right screen.

9. At the last section is Schedule,

Delivery - Send the message manually with Begin Sending Immediately or Begin Sending at a particular time.

Per-User Optimization - You can select Send Immediately by optimization the user open rate, Intelligent Delivery is let the system deliver the message that most likely to open by users, and Optimized by user time zone is deliver at the time wherever each user is.

Note : Click on each field will show the descriptions on right screen.

Then click Confirm button to send the message.

Note : Please play around and testing the message first before sending to users.