To register the Domain name and publish your website online;

1. Go to Register at top menu and click on Register button.

2. The domain registration page will popup, you can select;

- Register a New Domain, to register a new domain for your website.

- Transfer Your Domain, to transfer the domain to Weby from another registrar.

- Use Existing Domain, to use the existing domain at the current registrar.

For all the options above, please enter your domain name and select the extension from the drop down list and click the Check button.

By clicking the Check button, the system will check the Domain Availability and show the result at the bottom. Click Continue for next page to register the domain or check the domain again.

3. Next is the Configure page, click Continue button to next page..

4. On the Domains Configuration page, just click Continue button to next page.

5. The next page is Review & Checkout to Review the Products Order, click Checkout button to next page.

6. The last page is Checkout, at this page if you are the New User, please register the account either with Google Gmail or Fill-up the Registration below.

If you Already Registered the account before, just click Already Registered button to login.

7. Select the payment method and tick to agree the terms of service. Click Complete Order button at the bottom. An invoice will generated on next page.

8. Click on the payment button (Paypal) to make your payment with the debit / credit card for the registration. You can download the invoice at the bottom of the invoice or login to your account to view the paid or unpaid invoice at anytime.

Note : All domain will be registered only when the payment has been made.

- End -